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  • Ketamine Injectable SolutionKetamine Injectable Solution

    Ketamine Injectable Solution Brand: NexGen SKU: NC-0256 Product Type: Injectable Administration: Intramuscular Size:10ml Controlled Substance: Schedule CIII


    Ketamine nasal spray is a fairly new product that became FDA-approved in 2019 to treat depression. In this medicinal form, it’s called esketamine. Because the…

  • Ketamine PowderKetamine Powder

    Ketamine Powder The occurrence of pain after a major surgery that includes incision and grafting is known as postoperative pain. It may exist for 2-5 days, and…

  • R-ketamine (Arketamine)R-ketamine (Arketamine)

    Unlike the S enantiometer, the FDA has not given approval to Arketamine as an antidepressant–yet. However, there are both promising preclinical research and open-label trials showing Arketamine may be…