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Buy Albino Penis Envy Swab


Buy Albino Penis Envy Swab

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is a strain of psychedelic mushrooms known for its unique physical characteristics resembling a penis and high psilocybin content. APE is challenging to propagate and best suited for advanced researchers. It provides a fascinating opportunity to study psilocybin’s potential therapeutic uses in the medical field.


Buy Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores

Our Albino Penis Envy swab microscopy kit comes 2 swabs covered in Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores.

This strain is known for its unique and powerful psychedelic effects and is highly sought after in mycology communities.

General Overview

The Albino Penis Envy strain is a hybrid of the traditional PE. It gained popularity in the 1990s as a result of the extensive writings of psychonaut and mycologist, Terence McKenna. Due to its propagation challenges, this strain is best suited for advanced researchers.

Where to Buy Albino Penis Envy Swab

The APE strain is known for its high psilocybin content, which can result in intense visual and auditory hallucinations. In addition to its psychedelic effects, the strain is also known for its distinctive physical characteristics—resembling a penis. The mushroom caps are typically a dark purple-brown color, short and stubby, with white aging gills and small caps. Buy Albino Penis Envy Swab

Albino Penis Envy Swab FOR SALE

The shape combined with the albinism makes it easily recognizable in the wild and fascinating to study these spores under a microscope. This strain provides unique observation into the medical study of psilocybin in relation to therapeutic uses and treatments. That’s as close as you’ll get to medical research from home. Buy Albino Penis Envy Swab

Legality, Recommendations, and More

Please note that our Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores are intended only for microscopy use and are not legal in all states. Please check your local laws before ordering. We do not ship to California, Idaho, & Georgia.

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