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Buy Stargazer Spore Syringe


Buy Stargazer Spore Syringe

The Stargazer strain is among the oldest and rarest in circulation, discovered near Inca ruins in South America. These small mushrooms grow in large clusters and feature dome-shaped caps that change color as they mature. Known for intense effects, the Stargazer strain is a resilient and beginner-friendly option for researchers.


Buy Stargazer Spore Syringe| Stargazer Spore Syringe for sale

Our Stargazer spore syringe microscopy kit comes with 10ml of quality Stargazer mushroom spores packaged into a laboratory grade syringe, with an included sterile needle for research purposes. Our Stargazer mushroom spores are intended only for microscopy use. Sales will be declined to California, Idaho, & Georgia.

General Overview

The Stargazer (AKA Inca Stargazer) strain is arguably one of the oldest in circulation yet rare. They were originally discovered in South America, close to Inca ruins along the Andes mountain range.

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When found in the wild, they’re relatively small yet grow in large clusters. The dome-shaped caps change from reddish-brown to a golden brownish-yellow with spots as the shroom matures. The long stems show a partial veil and dark gills.

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This strain is believed to deliver intense visual hallucinations, euphoria, synesthesia, and altered auditory perception. They’re reportedly resilient and fight contaminants well, making them an ideal choice for beginner researchers to study.


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