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Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack


Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack

This mixpack combines three of our most popular genetics into one convenient bundle. Included with the FH Starter Syringe Mixpack, you’ll find one syringe of each of the following types of Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom


Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack

This mixpack combines three of our psilocybe cubensis strains most suitable for beginners. Included with the FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack, you’ll find one syringe for each of the following types of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms:


The B+ Mushroom is really that of legend. From a mysterious origin story where growers have rumored that this strain originated from a grower in Florida named Mr. G, this beautiful strain of mushroom is known for producing a very unique and quite powerful experience when it comes to psychedelics and hallucinations. This legendary strain is very sought after in today’s mushroom community. Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack

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These mushrooms are considered one of the most resilient strains amongst the psilocybin strains of mushrooms, while still carrying potent psychedelic effects. For those reasons and more, this strain of mushroom is among the most popular in today’s mushroom communities.

Golden Teacher

The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is a well-known psychedelic mushroom known to mycologists and psychedelic mushroom spores researchers. These are great for both beginner and advanced psychedelic researchers. With our high-quality mushroom spore kit, it becomes easy to find your desired effect with low potency compared to the more powerful magic mushroom strains.

The beautiful golden cap of the Golden Teacher is what gives it its name. This fungus has a broad cap and a thick, winding stem with pale white coloration in the wild. The Golden Teacher mushrooms caps are usually around 20 to 80 millimeters in diameter cone-shaped while immature, but they gradually flatten as they mature. Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack

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The Golden Teacher gills are distinguished from other strains by their spacing; they’re quite close together and have a dark coloration, even when fully mature. When bruised, like other psilocybe cubensis strains, the Golden Teachers acquire a unique blue tinge.

The Golden Teacher fungus is quite resistant to contamination making this an ideal strain for novices to learn about when researching magic mushroom spores. Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack


The Malabar Mushroom and Spores originated from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, hence the name. Known for producing massive fruiting bodies, this strain has a very vigorous growth rate compared to other psilocybin cubensis mushrooms. Buy FH Beginner Syringe Mixpack

The Malabar mushrooms welcome users to a euphoric world with very vivid color changes, a nice wavy feeling, and if enough are consumed, users have even experienced vivid hallucinations. Keep in mind that these spores are intended for educational and research purposes only.

Although Malabar mushrooms are generally moderate in the amount of psilocybin they contain, users typically report a very light, happy, and uplifting experience when experiencing Malabar Mushrooms.

These mushrooms produce beautifully spotted caps that create thin, lengthy-veils. And in addition to a quick growth cycle, this hardy strain can also handle being grown in more warmer and humid climates, making Malabar mushrooms a great strain for beginner researchers to st


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